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Christian: Building Your Prayer Life

Monday, March 2, 2009

A simple, "Your will be done," is all it takes to be on the right track to building a prayer life. Of course, most prayers are much longer than that. But, if you are just learning to pray without reading a prayer, it is a good starting place. When you say, "Your will be done," you are taking the focus off of yourself and letting God reign in your situation. Then, you are free to pray for others. The Power of Simple Prayer: How to Talk with God about Everything is a resource written by Joyce Meyer. Joyce, an inspirational lecturer and evangelist, has more than 70 books in print. She uncovers the mystery of prayer and breaks it down into easy to understand principles.

With the help of Joyce, along with many other ministers, I now have a greater appreciation for the Lord's Prayer. I have a much stronger prayer life. Also, my faith has been built up, by reading the Bible. Now when I read, I don't just go from one word to another. I use study tools, books, and guides to help me get to the root of the meaning. When I meditate on the scriptures, they penetrate and take up residence in my heart. And now when I pray, I rarely pray amiss. Frequently, I see phenomenal results of my prayers. -- Be Blessed and Prosperous!

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