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Christian: Learning to Pray

Thursday, February 12, 2009

The sum total of my prayer life for more than 40 years were two prayers I learned by rote. No wonder my life was so stagnant. In all of those 40 years, I never remember one time that I believed God answered my prayers. I used to add a couple of special requests at the end, just to see if they would be more effective. But, I never saw a sign or a wonder. Do I believe God hated me? "No." I just felt like I was a Christian and that God would give me whatever He thought was best, and that should be "good enough" for me. After all, I wasn't anybody special. I wasn't anointed. I wasn't a preacher or an evangelist. I was not really one of the chosen or called ones.

Then suddenly, one day, (don't know exactly when it happened) just one day, I remember listening to Christian radio. I actually didn't mind hearing it. It was a positive message. I began to listen more and more often. All I heard were encouraging messages that told me to pay attention to what I was doing. Pay attention to what I was saying. Pay attention to what I allowed into my life. Duh! You would think that after 32 years of being a Christian, I would already know that. I learned that 85% of everything that comes into your brain comes from sight. The other 15% comes from your other senses. I found out that one of the big differences between us average folks and those who seem to hear from God is that they pay attention to and limit everything that goes into their eye and ear gates. Total Life Prosperity 14 Practical Steps To Receiving God's Full Blessing is a book that explains this whole concept. The author, Creflo Dollar, states that we have very low expectations from God because we have not matured in faith and are not biblically informed; so when times are tough we assume God has let us down or wants us to struggle. --And Be Blessed and Prosperous!

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