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Christian: The Lord's Prayer Magnified

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Growing older, I learned the " Lord's Prayer." Boy, what a load off my mind. I was no longer praying to die. I was now praying for "hollowood names," a kingdom coming, daily bread (of, course as a child, my thoughts were a slice of bread), dets, (don't know what that is), delivered from evil (that's the one I liked), and forever. Though not convinced that this prayer had a basis in my reality, I prayed it because it was the only one I knew except for the dying one.  For many, many years, I prayed that prayer; never even thinking about what it meant or whether it was relevant. When I would be in a group and someone would ask, "who would like to pray?" I would never say, "me," because I know the Lord's Prayer is not what they expected. 

I now know the power of the Lord's Prayer; as a model prayer. Pastor Greg Laurie penned an eye opening book called, Wrestling with God: Prayer That Never Gives Up. This book illustrates how prayer works in different people's lives. --And Be Blessed and Prosperous!

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